Imaging Flow Cytometer Amnis FlowSight

Imaging Flow Cytometer
Merck Millipore, Amnis FlowSight

Flow cytometry with vision. It has twelve standard detection channels that simultaneously produce brightfield, darkfield and up to ten channels of fluorescence imagery of every cell.

Main instrumental features:

  • Brightfield, 2 excitation lasers (488, 642 nm) and 1 source (785 nm) for the «Side Scatter» (SSC);
  • Quantitative imaging (QI);
  • Cell cycle; cell death; apoptosis and necrosis;
  • Single and multiple labels using two lasers and up to 9 channels for the detection of signals;
  • Tests of co-localization, translocation, internalization, morphological studies, interaction between cells, etc.
  • High characterization of mixed populations in heterogeneous samples (eg. the five populations in PBMC).