Reactive Ion Etching

Reactive Ion Etching and deposition
Oxford Instrument, Plasma Pro NGP 80

Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) is a simple operation, and an economical solution for general plasma etching. The substrate is usually placed on a quartz or graphite “coverplate” to avoid sputtering/re-deposition of electrode material and gas is injected into process chamber via “showerhead” gas inlet in the top electrode. Negative self-bias forms on lower electrode and a single RF plasma source determines both ion density and energy.

PlasmaPro NGP80 offers versatile plasma etch and deposition solutions on one platform with convenient open loading.


Main instrumental features:

  • Double gas inlet
  • Etching of several materials (Compound Semiconductors Dielectrics, Metals, Organics)
  • Up to 200mm wafers
  • Failure analysis dry etch de-processing using the specially-configured PlasmaPro NGP FA tools, with RIE, dual-mode RIE/PE and ICP processes ranging from packaged chip and die etch through to full 200mm wafer etch
  • High quality PECVD of silicon nitride and silicon dioxide for photonics, dielectric layers, passivation and many other uses
  • Hard mask deposition and etch for high brightness LED production