Molecular Film Deposition

Molecular Film Deposition System
by Organic Spintronics

The apparatus works in UHV environment for ultra-clean deposition processes of molecular systems, having significant volatility at relatively low temperature (i.e., below the molecule decomposition point) by means of dedicated Knudsen cells. Applications are expected in the fields of active organic films and nanostructures, including OLED, OFET, nanoelectronics, nanosensing and energetics.


Main equipment features:

  • Soft deposition of mono- and multilayer molecular film;
  • Precise control of the thickness of the deposited layers;
  • High-ordering capability;
  • Deposition of films without substrate epitaxial constrains;
  • Large choice of substrate (amorphous/crystalline, organic/inorganic, etc);
  • Deposition of ordered multi-domain films.
SDFM apparatus: two medium vacuum chambers equipped with Knudsen cells and low-energy ion gun for post-deposition modification processes.