Contracts & Agreements

  • Research Contratct between Antincendio S.r.l. and Centro Servizi BRIT
    Title: Test of a machine finalized to find the minimum irradiation time by using UV-C radiation, for a effective bactericidal action on different  materials surface
    Responsabile scientifico: Prof. Salvatore Baglio
  • Research Contract between STMicroelectronics S.r.l. and Centro Servizi BRIT
    Research title: Study of polymeric materials in capacitive humidity sensors
    Scientific responsible: Prof. Giuseppe Compagnini
  • Research Contract between BIOSYNTH S.r.l., Centro Servizi BRIT and Dipartimento Biometec
    Research title: Clostridium difficile antigen production (TcdA-TcdB toxins)
    Scientific responsible: Prof.ssa Stefania Stefani