ALD - Sputter

Atomic Layer Deposition combined with Confocal Magnetron Sputter cluster

The system combines two fundamental growth techniques in the field of nanotechnology, allowing the realization of promising innovative structures for applications in many different fields on 4” wafer. Automatic wafer transfer within the whole tool. The ellipsometer can be used in situ to get real-time control of the depositions performed.

Main equipment features:

  • Sputter: UHV, 9 confocal 3 in. sources operating both under DC and RF bias, quartz microbalance included, several process gases available, the substrate can be rotated and heated up to 850°C;

  • Atomic layer deposition: it works also with plasma, possibility to grow on wafers up to 8 in., ozone generator included, possibility to use liquid, solid and gas precursors, working temperature variable in the range 50-500 °C;

  • Ellipsometer: Highest precision, sensitivity, and resolution, Large spectral range: 190-2100 nm;

  • Loadlock chamber: here it is possible to heat the samples up to 300°C and perform etching of the surface.